quinta-feira, 27 de junho de 2013

Dusting cobwebs

Apparently if you spend a long time without blogging, when you try to log back in blogspot.com forces you to make a post before having any more access to your website. I guess it's the internet's version of cleaning the cobwebs from a room that has been closed in a long time. Or blowing the dust of a videogame cartridge. 

Ah, the 90's, the good old days when square shaped disks were the pinnacle of technology, Will Smith was a rapper and Britney Spears was a functional human being. 

Anyway, I've done a bit of travelling ever since I last posted, but I've also come to some conclusions about travelogues. They're easier to write down when done at the same time you're travelling, but they also take time, time that you'd prefer using to go binge drinking sightseeing . Then when you're back at home you can do it on your free time, but since it's not as on-the-moment, it doesn't come off as naturally. You also have to rely on pictures, which isn't bad if you're careful enough with your camera not lose it before you upload the pics to your pc. Fortunately, I am a mindful and responsible person to whom mishaps seldom happen, so -
- ...alright, alright, write your guess in the comment section on how many times I've lost my camera(s) this year. The winner gets a delicious chocolate cookie. Are you done? Well, the correct answer is:
"More times than I would have liked." 

My point is, if I only write about travelling all the time this blog will only be updated in a date the Portuguese like to call "Saint Never's Day (at noon)" . 

Catholic countries have a lots, lots of Saints, and respective holidays. Given the Portuguese people's love for procrastination I'm surprised and disappointed that the concept of "never" having a holiday isn't more than a old sarcastic quip. But a man can dream.

So in the meanwhile, I'm going to write about a few other topics. You can even suggest your own topic. You can even start your own blog, and write about your own topic, and then I will be jealous of your attention and will sit and cry on a corner. Good times. 

Peace out.

Ps. Obrigado, Carolina, pelo comentáriozinho no meu último post. Foi encorajador. Grande Vikinhas, e grande Google Translate.

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