domingo, 6 de fevereiro de 2011

Hello, everybody! (Hi, doctor Nick)

 Hello, then.

 Ever since I came to China, or even before that, I had this idea in the back of my head about making a blog about my experiences abroad, and maybe even about some random thoughts that I ocasionally would come up with. Problem is, the times I did remember this idea, I was always either busy, or lazy. Mostly lazy. So one year and a half have gone by, and outside of some very scarce photos on facebook, nothing came out of it.
 But then one day, after a I sent her a happy holidays message, my wonderful friend Carolina replied me saying that she would never forgive me if I dind't post anything on-line about my experiences outside of Tugaland, like some other of our friends did, and she will do now that she's going to Denmark for a semester.
 As such, I started thinking about it again. So two months latter, here I am. I am doing this blog on english because it's a language acessible for most people I know, but feel free to reply in any language I'm familiar with. Or not. Actually, learning a new language might be fun.
   Standart internet etiquette here. You may disagree with others, and ocasionaly use swear words, but to much assholery(is that a word?) will get your comments deleted.
 Grammar nazis are welcome (yes, mr. Madsen, I'm looking at you). I haven't wrote long texts using the roman alphabet for a while now, so I'm a bit rusty...
Okay that's pretty much all that I can remember for now. My next posts will probably be about my upcoming trip to Japan, so stay tuned!

2 comentários:

  1. Big D, finallyyyyy! (rimou, eheh). Não perdoava mesmo e pior, agora não vou largar este teu espacinho :)
    Já estou na terra dos vickings e já vi esculturas deles e tudooo! :)
    Mil beijoooos e keep going!

  2. Okay, Vikinhas. Olha,só vi a tua resposta do facebook à pouco tempo. Um conselho, se tiveres a sentir muitas saudades nos primeiros tempos, lembra-te que em retrospectiva vai-te parecer um espaço de tempo curto. Boa sorte, e eu vou manter um olho no teu blog.