quarta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2011

Land of the Rising Sun - Prologue

 On the topic of my first impressions on Japan, this will not be a long post, mostly due to the fact that i'm just too tired and my head feels heavy regardless of the fact that there's no alcohool involved. Having only 3 hours of sleep will do that.
 So, here's a couple of things about Tokyo, and by extension Japan that I can think out of the top of my head:
 - Massive contrast with China. People respect the crosswalk, traffic lights, smoking bans, and, on top of it all... I never once saw a japanese person spitting on the street.
 - On the other hand, they are just a bit too restrained. Me and the other tugas would go to a subway full of people, and would find ourselves the only ones having a conversation. Everyone else would either be playing with their psp, listening to their mp3, or... staring at the floor. Just staring at the floor. Well, at least they wouldn't do like thew chinese and try desperetaly to get a seat in the subway as if their lives depended on it. Although that's always fun.
 - Their extreme politeness may be a cliche, but not an inaccurate one. Nobody ever said so many kind words after I bought something, despite the fact I didn't understand half of them.
  - They are a bit too obsessed with cuteness.
  - They are a bit too obsessed with sex.
  - They are a bit too obsessed with cute sex.

  - It's very expensive.

  - I am loving it.

 Nao percam o proximo episodio, porque nos tambem nao!!!


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